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The Elusive Manta Ray: The Hawaiian name for a Manta Ray is Hahalua which means “two breaths.” This makes the Manta Ray a perfect logo for the Group since many stress and anxiety management techniques use breathing as a tool to manage the symptoms, such as diaphragmatic breathing. With diaphragmatic breathing, you counter the body’s response to stress or anxiety by breathing in a deep slow manner which tells the body that it is okay and not in danger.


  The Polynesian culture views Manta Rays as a symbol of Spirit Guardians representing graceful strength and wisdom.  If they see a Manta Ray in their dreams, it signifies emotional freedom and that they were navigating through their emotions with ease. As we all know it is the memory of troubling events that cause the never-ending stress and anxiety that impacts their lives.

  The Tattered Dive Flag: The tattered flag symbolizes a Hero’s worn down and weakened mental and physical state. The many stresses and trauma seen and experienced while serving takes its toll on the well-being of our Heroes – some of these wounds you can see, however, many are invisible. 

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