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Don't take our word for it.  See what some of our Alumni have to say about how Scuba has changed their life.


Aran T.

Scuba diving has increased my mental health by helping me find an outlet that isn’t self-destructive and has been healing for both my body and mind. While diving, you need to be with a buddy. This has helped me to form lifelong friendships and bonds because you grow to trust these people with your life just as you would your fellow service members in the military. When you’re not in the water, you are still surrounded by community and developing deep connections with others that can relate to you and understand your internal struggle. It’s been difficult for me to open up to connections since getting back to the civilian world, but Hero Scuba has allowed me to find comfort and security in having a new support network.


The pain I experience in both my physical body and my mind are left on the surface, a distant memory as I sink below the water. For a moment, I am given an escape from it all. Diving allows my mind to focus on the task at hand and take a break from the constant battle. It feels like a whole new world of peace and quiet. A breath-taking experience that calms the chaos.


When I am suspended in the water the pressure and weight is taken off of my previously injured bones and the cool water soothes the aches I feel on a daily basis. As I plunge deeper, the BCD gives me a warm hug as a reminder that I am safe. When I ascend to the surface, the pain is relieved for a while. Even more than that, my mind stays clear. The water is like medicine and it soothes the chaos and overwhelm of my mind for days at a time. Diving with Hero Scuba has been a life changing opportunity that I feel blessed to be a part of.

Marshal K.

Scuba diving started out for me as a hobby but has evolved to a family affair.  I have tried many treatments with some working for a while and some not working at all, but I have noticed a huge difference in myself and attitude before and after just a 30 min dive.  When the dive is good, who am I kidding all dives are good so far, I feel revitalized, and it shows on my face and in my day-to-day life. 

My family is now involved in my diving adventures because of the transformation they have seen in me.  It is amazing how something that started out to be for me and only me has turned into a family affair.  Since becoming a family thing my healing has gotten easier exponentially because I have friends and family to support me above and below the surface.

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