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HSG Scholarship Application for a NAUI Scuba Certification

Naui Application for Veterans and First-Responders
Hero Scuba Group

Take your first step into the blue...

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Emergency Contact Information
Dates of Service:
If you are a military veteran, please provide a copy of your DD-214 to include blocks 23-30. Please black out your SSN when you submit. 
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How did you hear about Hero SCUBA Group?
The following questions will determine if you will be selected for the SCUBA scholarship.  Please answer the below questions with as much detail as possible. Use of examples are encouraged. 
(Minimum of combined Part one and two: 400 words. Please use
Part One: (AUTOBIOGRAPHY) Tell us - Hero SCUBA Group - about yourself, i.e. family, hobbies, interests, etc. How was your career? We would like to get to know you!!!
Part Two: HSG’s mission is to help Veterans and First responders with their diagnosed PTSD and/or depression. There are other Non-Profits that help this specialized community in other ways, why have you chosen to apply for this lifetime certification?  How do you think this will help you? 
Describe how your medical disability has impacted your life and how do you think a SCUBA certification would improve your life? 
HSG continues to seek engagement with all their Alumni, after receiving this lifetime certification -- how would you continue the mission?  What are your plans to engage with HSG after certification? 

Thanks for submitting! Thank you for your time and patience! We will review your application.

Scuba diving has increased my mental health by helping me find an outlet that isn’t self-destructive and has been healing for both my body and mind. While diving, you need to be with a buddy. This has helped me to form lifelong friendships and bonds because you grow to trust these people with your life just as you would your fellow service members in the military.

Aran Tuter

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